When your dreams are finally becoming true

Do you know that feeling of delight, excitement, worry and eagerness from knowing that something you have wished and worked for so long is finally coming to your hands? That is what I feel, and have been felt, for the last weeks. One of my biggest dream is so close to become true: I am in the process of purchasing a property.

It's not been easy – and well, nobody said it would have been – but we are getting there. A few more things to do, another little bunch of paperworks, and by the end of the month I should finally be getting the keys of my own place. Goodness, I can't wait!

I was mentioning feelings of worry before, because well, anything can still get in the way at this point and slow things down, so I keep my fingers crossed that the process goes as smoothly as possible.

I think I mentioned this already, but 2019 has not been a merciful year to me. It's been a jumble of disappointment, delays and stress, all starting and reaching their peak at the very beginning of the year – January and February – when two of the most important people abandoned me. It's been a long, dreadful path the one I had to walk to learn to keep my back straight again. My friends have been my pillars, but how can one give you strength when you feel you have a hollow of nothingness inside you?

As I was lying in this apathy, I read a post on a blog. In a nutshell, what it said was: Happiness doesn't drop from the sky. You have to look for it, you need to find things that make you smile, and pull from inside you your own strength, pride, satisfaction. Of course some days you won't feel happy; but you'll feel serene, and that is already a big step ahead.

So I thought that I hated how I felt. I gathered my energies together, and started working hard to obtain the one thing I was working on before Winter crushed me on the ground. I didn't want to remember 2019 as the year of despair, the one that had swept all my hopes away. I wanted something good to happen, at least one good thing. And it is.

Be brave, be proud, be stubborn. Life is not made only of people who stump on your heart, lie and abandon you. Life is made of up and downs, and the most important thing is learning from your mistakes, get up, and jump on that bike again. Look around, you surely have people who love you there. Never turn your back to them. Work hard, keep on trying, never give up, and the results will come your way.


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