And so November came – Plan with me November 2019

Oh, hey! How are you?
Weeks and weeks after my last post, I finally managed to come back to this little space, with my November planning. I'll come back in a sec on the reasons why I've not been here, or where October planning is, but for now, let's enjoy some bullet journaling!

I usually love autumn so much: its colors, its cozyness, the favours and perfumes. But this autumn has really been mad. Its basically come and gone, and I haven't really realised it. The moving (which finally happened!) and the very intense working period left me breathless, and I had not time at all to dedicate to this little space, which is my window on relax and me-time. But enough with the mumbling and complaining, all pieces are finally getting to place, and I can come back to my serene routine, including journaling.

Now, as you can see, I skipped the October post, although I did draw a simple design for this month. Although its gone and past, I might be posting it later on, just to give you a little idea of what to do when you have little time and no materials at all to journal properly.

And so, November. How could it be other than rusty, orangy, the colors of falling leaves? And leaves is the theme that I chose for this month.

The first pages are a goodbye to October, and a welcome to November, all in orangy, reddish colors. The calendar is an open one, very few lines, some washi tapes and leaves sticker to embellish the empty spaces.

Very simple habit tracker, enriched with some pretty wasi tape that I bought in Japan last year. And how could my mood tracker be anything other than falling leaves?

The same colors and style repeat in the expenses tracker, and the readings/movies/recipes pages. As for the weekly spread, it is inspired by a picture that I saw long time ago on Pinterest, and I loved straight away. Vertical days, and a decoration of mini flowers in orange and brown, made in a way to make it look like a washi tape decoration.

And that's it! Its easy as always, maybe even poorer in decorations and doodles compared to the previous months, but again, these last weeks have been crazy for me, and I am still trying to get back into my routine and find proper time to journal. Hope nonetheless that this design might have given you some little inspiration. Sending you a massive hug, and (hopefully!) talk to you soon.


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