Plan with me – December Bullet Journal

And here it comes, the last month of 2018! It feels like yesterday that I was setting my first ever bujo, in January, but hey, time goes so quickly. December has to be one of my favourite months of the year, of course because of Christmas festivity. For this reason my bujo has a few more pages than usual, as I added a couple of collections dedicated to December only.

The first page is my usual watercolor drawing of a cute animal, and since I decided I would have used that theme for my bujo I knew already I would have chosen a reindeer for December. He was trying to set up his Christmas tree, but got a bit messed up with the lights ;)
Next to it, my usual quoting page, and this time couldn't be but “It's the most wonderful time of the year” embellished with a Christmasy garland.

My Calendar is the same of last month, the vertical one that I found so so useful. Mostly because I save so much space to write down my monthly breakdown on the following page, including my blog posts ideas, wish list, goals, gratitude log.

The Habit tracker is the same old one, but I have a new idea for next year, so you will finally see some changes here. As for my Mood tracker, I found this adorable idea on Pinterest, and I didn't resist from doing it myself as well. It's a Christmas tree made of Christmas lights, and each of them is going to be colored of a different shade according to my mood.

The Expense Tracker is the same as the previous months, divided in four weeks, as I found the classic grid a bit too messy, and it is followed by the page dedicated to readings, movies and recipes to try.

Then the new collections! Firstly, a Christmas presents list. I drew a bunch of Christmas presents, that I decorated with different colors and fantasies, and around them I drew some lines on which I am writing the names and presents that I am planning to buy.
Next to it I have my little Christmas count down, once again an idea I found on Pinterest and that I simply adored. I will color in different shades and fantasy every block, until the 25th of December. Can't wait really, that is already my favourite page of the month!

Lastly, my weekly spread. I wanted it to be simple but pretty, and I went for the vertical layup, with some garlands for the date and day of the week and decorations of Christmas tree ornaments and some more little garlands. I also used here and there a cute washi tape, that looks like a present wrapping paper. Overall I am really happy with how it turned out.

I hope you might find some inspiration from this little post, and I would be so happy to see your own bujo set up for December! Talk to you very soon, take care


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