New Year, New Bujo! Transitioning in my new Bullet Journal

New Year, New Bullet Journal! Again, I can't believe so much time has passed since I started playing with this amazing tool. Twelve months of drawing, planning, exercising calligraphy, and now it's time to do it all over again.

The key page and the first page of the index. There are three more (empty for now) index pages
First step is of course getting a new planner. I so so wanted to try a Leuchtturm this year, and I got myself one in white, dotted. It feels a bit odd after having used a plain agenda for so long, but since my first pages I realised how easy the dots can make my life. They are great for when it comes to create grids and squares, and also as guidelines for my drawings.

A very flowery cover. The page is lighter as I drew it on a separate white sheet of papers, to avoid bleeding

Year at a glance and When did I last sections
On the other side, I was a bit disappointed in realising how thin the pages are. Last year I used this amazing hand made agenda that I bought in Malaysia, and it has very thick pages, specifically designed for watercoloring. Now, the Leuchtturm pages are so thin that I am having issues in using my Crayola and some of my brushing pens, as they bleed through the page... let alone some watercolor. That's why I used separate white sheets of paper to create some watercolor or black drawings and then stick them on the agenda. I think this is a solution I'm using throughout the year, as I really don't want to give up in using watercolors.

The future log, with a blank space to write down important bits to remember during the year

Travel log and Bucket list
Now that my agenda is ready I can organise my yearly collections, those that I am drawing at the beginning of the year and have them as guidelines for twelve months. I modified a bit the ones I used last year according to my actual needs, and those are the final ones I chose:

A key page, to have an idea of the codes I'm using for my tasks
Index, which is already set in the agenda itself
2019 cover page
Year at a glance
When did I last...?, a page where I am tracking those things that don't find space in my other collections
Future log
Travel log
Bucket list
Wish list
2019 goals
My year in pictures, where I am sticking one picture per month, portraying the most important, or happier moment of that month.

Wish list and Goals pages, all divided in sections

And finally, a year in pictures
I decided to use just one accent color, opposed to last year, when I used all sort of rainbow colors. I think in this way it looks more elegant and organised. I also used one calligraphy style to set all of my collections, while during the months I will switch them on.

And that's my new Bujo set up for 2019. I hope you might have found this useful, I will keep in touch very soon with a post about my January 2019 planning. Hope you are as excited as I am to start this new year together! Talk to you very soon, take care


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