Plan with me September 2019 – Coffee Theme Bullet Journal

Hello September, and welcome Autumn!
My monthly set up comes a bit later than usual this month, I know, but with the packing and the moving going on my life at the moment really is a mess! Nevertheless, I wanted to post my set up for this month, as I finally found time and inspiration to create a coffee theme! I hope you're liking it and getting some inspiration, from my side, I had so much fun in drawing every single page.

So, starting from the cover, as usual I have my quote on the left, and my circular cover on the right, showing this time a coffee cup filled to the rim, and almost overflowing. I repeated this very same drawing in the spread, without the middle cut.

The calendar is again a very simple, vertical style one, and on the right, my list pages goals, wishlist and blog ideas are marked by the drawing of a take away coffee cup. As I was mentioning above, on this page I drew again the overflowing coffee cup, same as the cover page.

Individual habit trackers for this month again, while my mood tracker is going to be made of 30 take away coffee cups, of which I am going to colour in the sleeve in different colours according to me mood, following the legend on the bottom of the page. I really had so much fun drawing this page, although I have to say it also was tiring repeating the same gestures over and over for 30 times!

Expenses tracker page and books, movies, recipes page are the same old ones, but what I really liked this month is my weekly spread

I decided to try something a little bit different, and that's what I came up with. I really, really like it! I love that I have space for some mini trackers (like weather and sleep hours), doodles, and still have lots of space for my individual days.

Hope that you liked this little spread, here are the materials I used:

Stabilo black pen
Sakura Fudenosuke Brush pen with a soft tip
Brush pens Edding 1340 numbers 16 (very light pink)
                                                       13 (light brown)
                                                         7 (brown)

Talk to you very soon (hopefully!), take care


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